Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September seems to be Roma Tomatoes Month

Mlyons broke a tooth so she stayed home from school yesterday. We went in to see the dentist ( we see Dr. Rana Graham - Montaque at Williamsburg Pediatric Dentists who is awesome ) and it was decided that the best thing was to extract the tooth. (its a baby tooth, it is now cracked in 1/2, she'd loose it in the next 6 - 12 months anyway)

Afterwards we picked up her violin (she will be studying violin as part of her 5th grade studies) and went home for a day of quiet reading.

And a photo shoot in the garden.

I've been sewing (see Whigs & Tories) and experimenting with various patterns. Tried this peasant top - a combination of Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom and Sew Country Chick  (I have the pillow case version cut and ready to sew. And I particularly like Justine's blog as we are like minded in many ways: Inside the Fabric We Sew With http://www.sewcountrychick.com/inside-the-fabric-we-sew-with-being-more-mindful/ )

Mlyons liked the yellow dot fabric from Riley Blake and I had wanted to try to give it a split neck. We agreed on where the elastic should go on the sleeves and I added white ricrac. Mlyons is appreciative of my current ricrac obsession. I need to try the split neck again - I think Crafty Mom has a blog post regarding that - but I do like how the blouse looks with her slacks and boots! And she does too!

whigs & tories, peasant blouse, yellow dot, riley blake, pretty, handmade clothes

peasant top, riley blake, yellow dot, whigs & tories

peasant top, whigs & tories, yellow dot, riley blake, 2015
the morning glories were an issue this year! climbing everything

roma tomatoes, garden, yellow dot, riley blake, peasant top, whigs & tories
Yellow Peasant Top by Whigs & Tories
in other news, Dragon has a concussion from his soccer game on Sunday. Went in for a header on the corner kick and collided with another player, landed hard and slapped his head. Don't think it is a "big" one, he is clear headed. He has a headache and is restricted from activity until the headache is gone and he's been seen by his primary care practitioner. Never boring around here.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bright Cellars - it is about Wine

I am a wine drinker (and a coffee drinker and a chocolate lover)
I tend towards red wine but I don't have a particular favorite nor the ability to pick out all the nuances of undertones nor the ability to say "oh this is a really good wine" based on anything besides "I like it." I recently discovered via Twitter a start up company called Bright Cellars

And the company offers a little quiz to help determine what kinds of wine you might like. They send it to you (well, you buy it) and then you rate what you liked or didn't like and then they make new suggestions.

So I checked it out. 

I adored the quiz.

Now, to be honest, I don't have a monthly budget for trying out wine so I was a little nervous about signing up, but my "wine concierge" informed me that a bi-monthly subscription was an option and I wanted to help a start up out so I thought - give it three shipments. 

My first shipment arrived with 5 bottles, 2 red & 3 white. 

I tweeted that photo and someone at @brightcellars tweeted back #allyouneediswineandadog

totally. best hashtag ever. 
I knew I liked these kids when the option for which juice do I prefer included "is coffee juice?" but now I love them.

So I have opened two bottles.
A Sauvignon Blanc by Cambridge Cellars 2013
Cabernet Sauvignon/Grenache by Petit Chou 2013

I prefer the red. 
I liked the white better the day after I had opened it. I found it to be a very "clear" taste. 

If you would like to give it a try, they are offering a sweet 1/2 price intro. If you follow my referral link I get credit toward a free bottle. :)

Friday, September 4, 2015


Was out in the garden (read jungle) today picking roma tomatoes and happened upon a baby bunny and then another one and then a third.
Retreated quickly.
Grabbed the phone.
texted my oldest child.
snuck back for pictures

curious little bunny came to see the camera

I am a bit worried for these babies. There are three dogs in my house. Mama bunny what were you thinking? There is a fence to keep the dogs out of the garden and that usually works. And mama bunny no doubt thought she was very clever putting the nest up in a garden bed. The cover is good, they are concealed by a literal jungle... but I'm worried for them all the same. They are so very cute!

Baby Bunnies from Cailin Yates on Vimeo.