Friday, October 30, 2015

Bitsy hurt my feelings

Just now...
and those awful can't catch one's breath breaths.

"Little Hawk, come here.
What is the matter?"

he shows up drying his eyes.
"nothin' "

"Don't you lie to me." in that voice only your mother can use.

"Bitsy hurt my feelings."

"Well what happened?"

"She said she' going to marry (the name of my future son-in-law shall be with held.)"

This is not what I was expecting.
"This makes you upset?"

"Yes. She's going to get married and I'll be left [deep awful breath] at [another deep awful breath] h-h-home." he can't even get it out.

"Well, she can't get married for a while. You know, like twenty years or so, and I'm sure it will work out. People grow up, they get married sometimes, it is what they do."


"You might miss her, but you can still see her again."


"You okay?"


yup - gonna tuck this away for a few years so I can pull it out when you are screaming that you hate each other and you can't wait to leave...

Friday, October 23, 2015

still training Thalia

we are working towards our IPO 1
test date is Dec 5th
we have issues... a lot of issues to resolve to pass this test

and there are fewer pictures of the dogs as Jose received orders last spring and is now in NC someplace. Miss him. Miss his dog. Miss the occasional visits with his wife.

But recently we had a visitor and she brought her camera:

Tidewater Schutzhund Club-9714
Trying to get Thalia to work with the dumbell. She hates it. To pass this test she has to retrieve it 3 times. Once just a retrieve, once over an A frame and once over a jump or "wall". So far this is a challenge.

We train with Tidewater Schutzhund Club

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My work room...

The husband ripped apart my basement last month. Rather - he paid someone to rip apart my basement last month. Carpet gone. Furniture gone. Everything out. Then he decided to have the concrete floors polished... so he ripped apart my work room.

When I moved into this house the work room was lavender and whatever color that is - green/yellow ? It is bright.
I let the kids paint over it with left over paint.
That room wasn't a priority and I just worked around it. (well - once it was toned down. I didn't care that the paint job the kids did was spotty - I just couldn't work with that bright green on the walls) It had a work table and shelves and that closet in the back there.

The plan is that when the floor is done, they will cut a door into the side to access the cellar. Then the room will get painted "apple tint" which is a warm white. The husband will rebuild the work table and put back the shelves and then in the far end by the closet add a built in desk table for my very artistic 10 year old to work. She needs a space to leave her projects out that is not her homework space - and that is safe from her sister.

I anticipate this will take months - but I doubt he will make it a priority so I'll be grateful if it takes less than a year.

In the meantime - I rescued my sewing machine but forgot the foot pedal. I'm borrowing my neighbor's in the afternoon. I've got pants for Little Hawk all cut out... 

and here is a sweet photo of a very happy Leo. He is an 8 year old Belgian Malinois that came to live at my house a few months ago. We (the vet and I) think he may be arthritic so we've got him on pain meds. It helps, he gets his energy out without hurting.