Thursday, December 31, 2015

Birthday - Ice Skating & Spice Box Yarn Animals & Dirt Cake

My Birthday was quiet this year, quiet but cozy and sweet and lovely.

Little M - who isn't so little - made me a wonderful present.
Wonderful for many reasons. She'd received a little kit for Christmas to make pompom "friends" and while I am not big into the whole "make silly things" thing - when making silly things allows one to learn skills that are quickly being forgotten then I'm into it. Sure - its a pompom. But perhaps pompoms will lead to love of yarn and that might lead to knitting or crochet... I can hope.
She tried her hand and was frustrated that her first attempt didn't live up to her expectations. Tears. And wanting to put it all away and forget about it. So that she took it out, tried again, and made something she was proud to give to me - that was big. And I'm delighted. Because artists must fail - it is part of the journey.

She told me to name it want I wanted. And so I named it "Moo-Hoo" which is both in reference to M's name. And reference to my alma mater's current trendy nickname.

pompom owl, make pompoms, kit, yarn craft
my little "Moo Hoo"
And K made me a dirt cake from the Minimalist Baker.
I took a picture on Tim's phone so I'll add it later.
It was Tim friendly (vegan) and made with Oreos and probably coconut cream and was mmm good!
If you need a vegan desert check it out: Vegan Dirt Cake Minimalist Baker

We went ice skating in Charlottesville  with Wintergreen's snow sports teams - that was fun! None of the kids have skated before except M - she went for a friend's birthday once. Everyone was good sports though and gave it a good try. Afterwards we literally invaded Christian's pizza. I have to say, they (pizza place) handled the rush of over 50 people at once - really really well. 

(Main Street Arena in Charlottesville:
(Christian's Pizza: their vegan pizza was awesome!)

learning to skate at Main Street Arena

the kit I purchased was by "Spice Box" called "Yarn Animals." I can't find it on Amazon - not this kit specifically and I'm not actually sure where I picked it up. Michaels maybe? Joann's? Costco? Shoot, I hate when I can't remember where I bought something!
The kit had a combination of Spool Knit tools:
and pom-pom tools:
My M is nearly 11 years old and artsy and she needed a few tries to make it. The box says for kids 8 and up, definitely wouldn't go any younger.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Purple Sage

Tomorrow we, Tim and I with our older sons, (Kat is already there) will drive to Leesburg to say goodbye to our friend Richard. Tim knew him better than I did. He and Tim skied together and enjoyed ski team adventures together. I knew him only a little. A man who I remember as always smiling, always outside, never saying anything ugly or unnecessary, he loved his family, he enjoyed skiing, he loved to fish, he mixed a great margarita. He spent hours helping my son with his fishing and was always patient and encouraging.

his obituary is here: Richard Wyly

He took thousands of pictures. During ski season he took thousands of pictures of SARA ski racers. It didn't matter which team a person skied for, if Richard was at the race he took photos. He shared them via Smug Mug under the name Purple Sage 
Many of the pictures of skiing on this blog come from his Smug Mug collection.
I have some I bought from Smug Mug. I have one of the lights at night over Wintergreen that I bought with the intent to frame and hang up in our house. I meant to ask him to sign it. I never did. I regret missing that opportunity.

The team will not be the same without him. Tim misses him, and I miss him. Our children miss him. Our thoughts are with his family.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Virginia Regional Ballet Nutcracker, Mice & Clara

That Nightgown I was sewing... Clara's grandmother added a few finishing touches & voila!

She is a lovely dancer.

Oh - and "Mouse number 8" is mine.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Wreaths in Colonial Williamsburg

Christmas in Williamsburg is one of my favorite things. I haven't been able to walk through Colonial Williamsburg as often this year, lots going on! But I did get out once or twice and managed to take some quick snapshots with the iphone. Not high quality photography, but hopefully you will all enjoy the wreaths anyway.

colonial Williamsburg, colonial christmas, wreath, fruit, natural decorations, virginia

toy maker, wreath, colonial williamsburg, colonial christmas, dried flowers

dried flowers, dried cinnamon, natural decorations, colonial decorations, colonial christmas, Colonial Williamsburg

sunflowers, pinecones, shoe, Colonial Williamsburg, Colonial Virginia, Christmas

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Pink Nightgown for Clara

It is time for the Nutcracker!
We love our dance company's annual Nutcracker, this year my daughter is a mouse.

Wednesday we had technical rehearsal on the stage - and while there I discovered that one of our Clara's didn't get her costume finished. or started for that matter. The mother had purchased pink organza and taken it to someone who had said she'd make a costume based off of another costume in the studio - and it didn't get done. This mom had asked me if I would sew it and I'd been reluctant - organza is slippery stuff and I don't have a lot of experience with it. But now here we are, ready for the show, and Clara has something to wear but not what she'd expected to wear. How frustrating. So I asked if she'd let me give it a go...

Thursday night I'd gotten this far:

I stopped when I realized I'd sewn the sleeves upside down.
I needed to attend the Elementary School Winter Concert anyway.

after the concert I added the skirt. The white one is the old costume I was using as a pattern.

Friday I took my sewing machine with me and sat backstage and finished the sleeves
and hem and added velcro (fast changes)

Clara's mom took it home to sew in some flowers on the bodice and press it.

fastest project ever!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Things 6 year olds say

Little Hawk at the dinner table "When Rem & Shawn are dead can I have their legos?"

Waterviews, Colonial Road

This water is an inlet off the James River, it wraps around Kingsmill and into College Creek. There is an old unused road called "old country road" and "old colonial road" that runs along Kingsmill and it leads out to this area. It used to connect Williamsburg to Carter's Grove and when Carter's Grove was maintained by the Williamsburg Foundation the road was used by Williamsburg service vehicles. It is a great place for a run or a bike ride or a walk with dogs. And I love these views.

I took these shots in early October. The trees are bare now.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Princess & her Hamburger

My German Shepherd has been working hard with Tidewater Schutzhund club and today we trialled for our IPO 1. (The Schutzhund Sport is a three pronged sport for working dogs. We've dedicated 2 years to training - with interruptions for ski season and long family trips during the summer.)

And Passed!
80 in tracking
75 in obedience
80 in protection.

Only last month she wouldn't pick up a dumbbell to save her life
and the entire club has been brainstorming to get the dog
through the dumbbell exercises.
Super Proud of her!

On the way home one of the club members, Brandon, texted me "give the princess a big chunk of hamburger she deserves it"
and while I was sitting on the ferry making my way home I came up with a plan:

GSD, german shepherd dog, pretty dog, good dog, celebrate
smells like hamburger!

yay! it is hamburger!

wait? but it is hamburger. what is this.

o.m.g. mom, I hate you

seriously, I hate you

o.k. I put my ear up pretty.
are we done yet?


and I sent Brandon back this text:
princess puppy, princess thalia, gsd, german shepherd dog,
princess eating her hamburger

I think now that she has proven herself I can go ahead with the plan to get her a pink collar
and myself a pink jacket to train her in.
Because we are princess, and we rock.

I haven't joined up with Pink Saturday in sometime -
but felt this post deserved to be seen a bit
even if it isn't crafty or Christmasy

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Governor's Palace is ready for Christmas

colonial williamsburg, governor's palace, williamsburg, virginia, va

christmas, colonial christmas, governor's palace, williamsburg, virginia, colonial williamsburg

governor's palace, williamsburg, virginia, colonial williamsburg, colonial christmas

governor's palace, tour guide, duchesses room, lady virginia's crib

Over Thanksgiving we took our Texas cousins into Colonial Williamsburg. Christmas decorations were already up! Colonial Williamsburg will have the annual Grand Illumination this weekend and decorating the houses and town is part of the preparation. 

Molly, sleeping through the Packer Game

Molly is Patrick's dog. Patrick came over for Thanksgiving, knowing the Packer game would be on later he brought along his fur-child Molly so she wouldn't be alone all day (we had our dinner at 3, and then after a while dessert, and then after a while left overs and then more dessert and so on)

Watching the Packers play was pretty high on the priority list and Molly curled up on the couch with Patrick. I love this picture of her, the lighting and coloring and she seems so serene. Molly came home from Toynton Labs 3 1/2 years ago. She is a wonderful girl.

yellow lab, labrador, sleeping dog, toyton labs

Toynton Labs: website or facebook

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Out in Colonial Williamsburg, the Everard House decorated for Christmastide

I have been working on a cape / capelet pattern for Whigs & Tories. I love the construction of the outer layer, in pieces which makes it more structured around the shoulders...  there is a full post over on Whigs & Tories blogspot

I took my daughter out to take pictures in Colonial Williamsburg and we started taking photos of the Holiday Decorations. I just love Williamsburg all ready for Christmas!
christmas in williamsburg, whigs & tories, virginia, colonial christmas, cape, capelet
Outside the Everard House

 History of the Brush-Everard House is here: Brush-Everard House

The Everard House faces the green in front of the Governor's Palace. When I was looking up its history I saw that there are photos of the inside. I've never been inside the Everard house. you might see some at this link: Thomas Everard House