Tuesday, April 5, 2016

staying in

Today I'd planned to take the kids out to Chincoteague Island - we've never been. But the weather changed and the temperature dropped and today it is in the 40's and windy and feels like 30's. Now, we are outside winter people. A day that feels like 30's when you are skiing is quite warm. But I've got a guest at the house without proper clothes and 30's and windy for a hike around an island sounded a bit - well - like a "hardy day" but not really a fun one to be quite frank. So we are putting it off and will try again Thursday.

So I'm doing a few house chores and then cutting up some knit fabric I picked up to try out a new pattern for the shop.

a fun knit by Doodles Dot to Dot

the only fabric store in town in Joann's. They are well stocked in quilt cotton and fleece and then have some seasonal apparel fabrics thrown in. You can see how few people are actually sewing clothes these days by the fabric selections. But Joann's does carry a line by Doodles Dot to Dot that is only sold through their stores and I thought this knit would make a cute summer top for my girls.

they call it a chevron pattern, I just like the colors

I'll post the finished product shortly. (well, hopefully!)

and here it is! Super Cute!
chevron, whigs & tories, doodles dot to dot, knit, summer 2016

whigs & tories, chevron, doodles dot to dot, summer 2016, girls fashion, kids fashion

This pattern is called Desert Breeze and is from the collection of Striped Swallow Designs. This is the third pattern I've purchased from them. I find the directions very easy to follow and the patterns turn out super cute. 

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Jeanne said...

Good morning, I do remember skiing out West and I agree 30 degrees was a good temp for skiing. However it is truly very cold to be hiking.

Love the fabric. Years ago I sewed everything my girls and I wore. Now, not at all. I look forward to your finished sewing project.

I wanted to tell you that my comment to you on Blue Monday did not post. I had a notice that it didn't go thru on my email. I hope this comment will post.
xo, Jeanne