Friday, January 8, 2016

Reading Claudia Tate's interviews. Maya Angelou

" Life is a gift, and I try to respond with grace and courtesy" Maya Angelou

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photo from a few days before Christmas

I am reading a collection of interviews by Claudia Tate entitled "Black Women Writers at Work." I've only just started and it is pushing me already. Thoughts on feminism, being black vs being white, being a black women vs being a white woman, and time to write (or in my case lets just say 'create' ). Things like this always make me a bit peevish. And I have to remind myself that I chose this life. I can choose to change parts of it. But other parts I am committed to see through. Child rearing for instance - I have one who will soon be graduating from High School and I have one in kindergarten...

Maya Angelou said something that I've never heard before and it really struck me. 
Claudia Tate asked: What has been the effect of the women's movement on black women?
Angelou: Black women and white women are in strange positions in our separate communities. In the social gatherings of black people, black women have always been predominant. That is to say, in the church it's always Sister Hudson, Sister Thomas and Sister Witheringay who keep the church alive. In lay gatherings it's always Lottie who cooks, and Mary who's going over to Bonita's where there is a good party going on. Also, black women are the nurturers of children in our community. White women are in a different position in their social institutions. White men, who are in effect their fathers, husbands, brothers, their sons, nephews and uncles, say to white women, or imply in any case: "I don't really need you to run my institutions. I need you in certain places and in those places you must be kept - in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the nursery, and on the pedestal." Black women have never been told this. Black women have not historically stood in the pulpit, but that doesn't undermine the fact that they built the churches and maintain the pulpits. The people who have historically been heads of institutions in black communities have never said to black women - and they, too, are their fathers, husbands, brothers, their sons, nephews and uncles - "We don't need you in our institutions." So there is a fundamental difference.

This has been knocking about in my head for two days. I'm kind of chewing on it I guess.

Wondering if people agree or disagree?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Out Shopping in Nelson County - moose head hooks

There are three shops owned by the same people in Nelson County area. Tuckahoe Antiques on Rt 151, the Rockfish Gap Country Store at the intersection of Rt 250 and Rt 15, and the Greenwood Country Store which I'm not real sure how to find exactly, you just follow a sign off Rt 250 which takes you back and around the most amazing farm/estate and to the post office... and you just kinda find it.

Anyhow, Mom and I went out scouting around last year and I had taken her to these three shops and this year she said she wanted to go find some things because she wanted to copy something she'd seen in one of her design magazines. (more on my mother and design here )

There is a new vendor at the Tuckahoe Antiques store since I was last there. An art collector/dealer. The collection is fascinating. Ecletic. So many different styles... etchings, paintings, drawings, contemporary, some current living artists... and so many of the pieces had a description with them. I'd like to know who the dealer is. I'd love to hear their stories behind finding some of the pieces.

Mom didn't find what she was looking for so we moved onto the Rockfish Gap Country Store. There is a vendor there that I really enjoy... a lot of Bavarian things and a wonderful vase I've had my eye on for some time. Last year I bought a door stopper from them in the shape of German Shepherd Dog. It sits on the book shelf. I adore it.

I'm a little low on cash this year so I was out to window shop but then I saw these hooks.

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I'd seen something similar online, even pinterested them to my ski house page the "Stag Coat Hook" from Orvis. check it out: here
 Stag Coat Hook by Orvis

it is even on sale from $59.00 to $29.00. No kidding. But I can't spend $30 +shipping on a coat hook right now. Which stinks. I'd love to support Orvis. I think they are a cool company.

But... these hooks. These were selling for $8.00 a piece. Yup. Right here in my hot little hands. So I had some cash from Grandma French and I bought them. They had four. I bought four. So stinking pleased with myself it is ridiculous! Seriously. Made my day.

So I think two are going into my bathroom. His and Her bathrobe hooks. And the other two I'm not sure yet - Tim says we should put one by the door to hold dog leashes... at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what they hold. I'm thrilled with them.

Mom didn't find what she set out to, but she bought a lovely trivet from the Master Craftermen days of Colonial Williamsburg.

*added Tuesday January 12

Tim put them up for me, one behind the door to the master bedroom to hang his coach's pants, one behind the door to the bathroom, and two by the side door near the kitchen.

Perfect little detail for a ski house!