Monday, May 2, 2016

A few weeks ago at Chincoteague

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marshes, Assateague Island

We did finally make it to Chincoteague over spring break. And it was cool, and breezy and we loved it. If you've never been I recommend it, and give yourself at least a full day. We arrived late as we were not able to leave until midday. And we could have spent more time. We walked to the lighthouse. And then took another walking path out to the beach. There were plenty of birds in the marshes and I cannot identify most of them, I'm not a birder, but I saw plenty of red winged blackbirds in the tall marsh grass calling to each other. On our way back to the car we passed several cars pulled to the side and people were outside with binoculars. We asked what they were looking at. They pointed out an eagle's nest and the eagle inside it and the other keeping an eye on the nest from another tree. There is an eagle cam, they said, but it was knocked down in high winds so they are waiting for the babies to fly off and then the video camera will be repaired, or replaced. They offered their binoculars to the kids and they were able to see the eagle in the nest, presumably sitting on eggs. We didn't see any ponies at all. I mentioned this later in social media and a friend from dog training answered that for me. He is both a firefighter and a horseman and has some ties to Assateague. He said the mares are foaling so the ponies are quiet now.

inside the museum

egg preservation display

just outside the museum, evidence of ponies

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horseshoe crab, shells, beach

K would like to return. There are camp sites on the island, and bikes are encouraged. There is a Best Western Plus just across the bridge from the island. You could ride your bike in if you were so inclined. Do check the National Park for rules. No dogs allowed on the island at all. It makes sense with the ponies, but I'm glad I looked before we drove out there. Hiking with the canines is a favorite activity for me and I would have automatically brought them. (I do wish dog owners would agree to bring animals on leashes, keep them on leashes and not allow them to bother indigenous animals though. There are an increasing number of National Parks with "no dogs allowed" rules. Ruining it for the rest of us.)