Saturday, June 25, 2016


It feels like it is late to be finding baby birds in nests, is it late? I don't know. There is a nest near my drive way, I noticed because I was walking passed the shrubs and a bird started to call me away, trying to catch my attention, and so I turned to look at the shrub and found the nest. It was high enough that I couldn't quite see into it, so I held my phone up for a photo. Oh dear, they must be new. They don't have feathers yet!

cardinal, nest, baby cardinals, no feathers, chicks, virginia

I am guessing that these tiny chicks are cardinals because after viewing the nest I turned back to the bird trying to get my attention and saw a flurry of red. I followed it until I could get a better view. Yes a male cardinal. I am so pleased. They are my favorites. They seem a bit shy at the bird feeder, the chickadees are always the first ones. And we have several finches (I think) that are bossy and aggressive. And the Tufted tit mouse (if its birds do we still say 'mice' for plural?) that I also enjoy are frequent visitors. The cardinal seems the last to visit, the first to decide things are too busy or too noisy or too whatever.

a not very good phone photo, with a bit of red there

and there he is flying

I'll be peeking at the nest again in a week or so. I don't want to distress daddy cardinal too much and make a nuisance of myself.