Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ox Cart!

I love walking through Colonial Williamsburg this time of year. This year though, it seems especially active. In my opinion they have stepped up their number of cast members out and about and it really adds to the experience.

Recently I've seen a team of oxen out pulling a cart, and visitors can take ox cart rides. (I looked it up and ox cart rides do require a ticket there is a bit about two of the CW oxen here: http://makinghistorynow.com/2016/05/meet-the-newest-additions-to-the-oxen-crew-a-real-rock-and-roll-pair/ )

I always enjoy seeing the livestock in Colonial Williamsburg and this time I brought along the camera. Enjoy.

ox cart, colonial williamsburg, colonial, oxen

ox cart, palace green, colonial williamsburg