Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Wonder of The Season

Somehow we make it to December and everyone is busy and stressed and exhausted and being married to a small business owner just adds to that tizzy. Often I loose myself in the whirl and advent season is lost to me.

This year my oldest is away at college and she is *so excited* about coming home for Christmas it has been grounding.

As in previous years, I've got a dancer in the Virginia Regional Ballet's Nutcracker: There are some darling pictures of them doing things around town both to advertise Nutcracker and as service to the community:
Klara, Nutcracker, Ballet, Santa, Williamsburg, Virginia, Virginia Regional Ballet
A few of Virginia Regional Ballet's Nutcracker cast members
at Santa Land in Williamsburg

Tea with Klara, Virginia Regional Ballet, Nutcracker, Christmas Traditions, Williamsburg, Virginia, Klara, Mouse King,
Mouse King & Nutcracker Battle at the second annual
Tea with Klara

But in between rehearsals and Tea Parties and Book Readings we managed to get some garland up at the front door and some lights (although we need more we are unbalanced at the moment) hung up the stockings and after something like 8 attempts at putting up the tree - I'm waiting for the husband to make that work. {we have an absolutely gorgeous fake tree we inherited from my mother some years ago when she downsized. No one knows what happened to the original base... so we kind of wing it. Apparently I do not wing it well. We would get it, my 16 year old son and I and then it would tilt and we had the darn thing put together, built finally after many capsizings and then the 7 year old accidentally pulled the whole thing over on his head and we could not right it to save our lives.}

But the absolute best part of the season so far was at Bitsy's school. Bitsy attends Williamsburg Christian Academy and their little Christmas Music celebration for the lower school was last Friday. Friday was *crazy busy* you see:
my mother broke her foot a bit ago and is in a plaster cast. Not a boot. A big old fashioned cast. And she is getting about with a walker because she nearly broke the other foot trying to get the hang of crutches. Friends have been staying with her but Thursday night I discovered no one was staying over. So I baked up a meatloaf and some squash and bought salad in a bag and brought my 16 year old son over to stay with his grandmother. Why him? Well I would love to stay at my mom's but the husband is out of town which leaves the 16 yr old, the 15 yr old, the 11 yr old, the 10 yr old and the 7 yr old in the house. Plus my two dogs. Plus an extra dog we are watching this week... so the 16 year old went to mom's. I picked him up from mom's at 6 AM so he could make the 6:42 bus stop. The 15 yr old stayed with his siblings until I got back. Then I got them all up and out the door, showered and made it to Bitsy's 8:30 AM Christmas Celebration. 

The little ones were getting ready to sing "Away in A Manger" as I walked in a few minutes late and they all had a baby in their arms to rock. It was ever so sweet. There was one darling little boy in the group, he was just perfectly round like a three year old ought to be, and had bowl cut blond hair that was just ever so mussed, and he wasn't going to hold that baby. The teacher gave it to him. He put it down. They all start singing. The teacher is pointing at the baby and he won't pick it up. So the teacher picks it up and tries to hand it to him, he straightens his arms by his side and shrugs away from her and all this time his classmates are singing "Away in a Manger" and rocking their babies all except for one little girl in a red dress... When that little tyke put his baby down the daddies in front of me started grinning, and when the teacher was pointing to the baby and he wouldn't pick it up they started elbowing each other, and when the teacher tried to give it to him and he wouldn't take it they were shaking with their heads down they were laughing so hard. That made my morning. You could just see it in that little boys face, he was *not* going to rock that baby even if it was the Baby Jesus. Next thing you know someone would want him to change a diaper. No sirree, if the teacher is that worried about the baby she can hold it.
And there on the other side is a darling little girl with long black pony tail wearing a pretty red dress and she has her baby up like she's burping it against her shoulder and patting its back and she's kind of bouncing around like you do with a fussy baby in and out of the manger, shhhh baby, shhhh it's all going to be just fine.

Those two little ones made my day. I just loved it.

Bitsy's songs were very nice too and I video taped it to prove to her that I made it. 
And then I gave her a kiss and she skipped off to class and I went off to my cookie exchange with my friends. I was bringing Peppermint Chocolate Cookies. They didn't win any prizes or anything but I sure thought they were good.

Nutcracker starts Wednesday. My oldest gets out of school the 20th. I'm off to wrap some presents...