Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wintergreen Resort has snow

snow guns, Wintergreen Resort, January 2017, sunny day, ski the south, ski the east
Wintergreen Snowblowing going strong

I'm sure you've heard. The South East part of Virginia and North East part of North Carolina received quite the snow storm last week. We took off for the mountains Friday night as it was starting, Saturday is snowed all the day up at Wintergreen and they were running the snow guns at the same time. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Our home town was buried under snow and no school for us so we stayed in the mountains. It was gorgeous!

snowday, snow on trees, blue sky, sun on snow, wintergreen resort, 2017, blueridge mountain, virginia
Snow sparkling in the sun on Sunday

ski the east, ski the south, Wintergreen Virginia, Ski virginia, snow day, ski bunny,
crossing over to the Highlands
Wintergreen Resort, January 2017, ski the east, ski virginia, kids ski, ski the south, snow, alpine ski
my ski buddy

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